My Favourite Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes really are my beauty obsession…in the last couple of years my collection has grown. Here are some of my favourites and what I use them for (usually not what they’re intended for I must add!)

From left to right…

Morphe B23 – This one is actually a mascara spoolie but I use it to brush and tame my eyebrows before I use any product.

Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face Brush – Again…another brush I use differently. This is for mineral foundation but I use it for setting my face with powder.

Zoeva 102 Silk Finish – Perfect for buffing in liquid foundation and creating a flawless, light base.

Morphe M335 – I highly recommend this brush for concealer, it’s soft enough to use for under the eyes and small enough for round the nose.

Real Techniques Contour Brush – I actually find this too big for contour so I use it for setting under my eyes with powder.

Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush – Now this is the one I use for contour, I find it’s the perfect size for my face and doesn’t pick up lots of product.

Morphe M139 – A lovely brush for blending out the crease and creating a perfect eye. 

Morphe G27 – This is meant to be a pencil brush for the crease but I use it for the lower lash line, it gets really close to the lashes with eyeshadow, especially if I’m going for a smoky eye.

Real Techniques Shading Brush – Perfect for packing on eyeshadow and ideal for my inner corner and brow bone for a little highlight.

I don’t have a specific favourite brand but I do really like Morphe for their price and sheer volume of choices.

Thanks for reading!


Sheree x


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